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Club meetings this season will run on Tuesdays from September 2019 until the end of May 2020. For further details, please see the Calendar page.

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Club Championship - 2019-20

The Club Championship is played every week at the club. The latest standings are shown in the table below, which will be updated after every club night.

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Paul Hurn Knockout Trophy

Lightning Trophy

Lightning tournaments are held at each end of the season where moves are made on a 10 second buzzer.


1Robin Williamsb13+w7+b2=w10+b9+w4+5.592
2Gillian Moorew5+b3+w1=w4+b10+w9+5.592
3Paul Hurnb12+w2-w8+b9-b6+w10+467
4Gareth Jonesw14+b10=w9+b2-w5+b1-3.558
5David Murchieb2-w12+b6=w7+b4-w11+3.558
6Rad Blacklockb7-w13+w5=b11+w3-w12+3.558
7Dave Agostinelliw6+b1-w10-b5-b8+w13+350
8Terry Hutchinsw10-w11+b3-b12+w7-b14+350
9Ryan Scottb11+w14+b4-w3+w1-b2-350
10Kevin Sawersb8+w4=b7+b1-w2-b3-2.542
11Fraidon Shabgardw9-b8-w13+w6-b14+b5-233
12Paul Chinkinw3-b5-b14+w8-w13+b6-233
13Sam Lawrencew1-b6-b11-w14+b12-b7-117
14Oliver Blacklockb4-b9-w12-b13-w11-w8-00


1Daniel Notherw7+b6+b4+b3+BYE+b2+w5+7100
2Robin Williamsb3+w5+w6+b7+b4+w1-BYE+686
3Gareth Jonesw2-BYE+b5+w1-b6+w7+b4+571
4Sam LawrenceBYE+b7+w1-b6+w2-w5w3-343
5Gillian Moorew6-b2-w3-BYE+w7+b4b1-229
6Kevin Sawersb5+w1-b2-w4-w3-BYE+b7-229
7Fraidon Shabgardb1-w4-BYE+w2-b5-b3-w6+229