Southampton Chess Club


Club meetings this season will run on Tuesdays from September 2021 until the end of May 2022. For further details, please see the Calendar page.

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Club Championship - 2021-22

The Club Championship is played every week at the club. The latest standings are shown in the table below, which will be updated after every club night.

Knockout Trophy

The draw for the knockout competition will be made on Tuesday 8th February and will be shown below. Please play first round games by 1st March, if possible; ask a committee member if you need your opponent's contact details so you can arrange your game.

Knockout Cup rules

  • Time control: 1 hour for 30 moves, 15 minutes quickplay finish
  • Colours: Random draw
  • If game is drawn: If both players agree, set a date to play another game with colours reversed and using the above time control. If both players don't agree to the above, immediately play 5-minute games with colours reversed, until a decisive result occurs

Lightning Trophy

Lightning tournaments are held at each end of the season where moves are made on a 10 second buzzer, and a 5 minute tournament the week before Christmas.