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Club Meetings this season will continue on Tuesdays until the end of June 2016. For further details, please see the Calendar Page.

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Club Championship - 2015-16

Congratulations to Gareth Jones for winning the 2015/16 Club Championship.

Special mention also goes to Robin Williams who finished 2nd, and John Davis who finished 3rd.

The grading prize winners are as follows:
Under 140 - John Davis
Under 120 - David Murchie
Under 100 - Paul Chinkin
Congratulations to all three.

Prizes will be awarded at the AGM in September.

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Paul Hurn Knockout Trophy

Lightning Trophy

Lightning tournaments are held at each end of the season where moves are made on a 10 second buzzer. The first lightning tournament was held on 15th September. The results are detailed below.

1McLeod, F178w5=b7+w8+b6+b4+w3=5
2Allen, L159b9+w4=w3-b10+b8+b11+4.5
3Pentakota, R150w11+b8-b2+w5+w6+b1=4.5
4Williams, R142w12+b2=b5+w8+w1-w7=4
5Priestley, D120b1=w10+w4-b3-BYE+w12+3.5
6Buckley, M159DEFb9+w7+w1-b3-w10+3
7Agostinelli, D136b10=w1-b6-w13+w12+b4=3
8Wiseman, J128b13+w3+b1-b4-w2-BYE+3
9Cutter, T117w2-w6-BYE+b11+b10-b13+3
10Rickard, M87w7=b5-b11+w2-w9+b6-2.5
11Davis, J105b3-b12+w10-w9-b13+w2-2
12Hutchins, T87b4-w11-w13+BYE+b7-b5-2
13Goold, J36w8-BYE+b12-b7-w11-w9-1