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Countdown to the 2019-20 Club Championship

This season's Club Championship begins on Tuesday 24th September! Come along at 7:00pm or so and we'll pair everyone up to play a game in the Club Championship. This runs throughout the season and you just have to play on 10 evenings to qualify for prizes - you aren't expected to play every Tuesday, though of course you're welcome to. We start the games at 7:30 but try to arrive well before then as the latest person to arrive will miss out if we have an odd number of players.

Annual General Meeting key decisions

Thanks to all who attended the Club AGM on 3rd September. Minutes are in the Club filesharing area (ask a Committee member for the link) and here is a summary of the decisions made:

Changes to the Quickplay Championship
All three of our quickplay tournaments will now be included in the Quickplay Championship, instead of just the September and May 10-second buzzer tournaments. People's percentage score at their best two tournaments will be added together to determine the Parsons Trophy winner. Because it's based on players' best two performances, you'll still have a chance of winning the Trophy even if you miss one of the tournaments. We also agreed to scrap the small entry fee and prize money for the quickplay tournaments

Club subscription fee
The Club subs for 2019-20 were set at £51, unchanged on last year. This is reduced by 1/3 for full-time students, under-18s, and people on some sickness / disability benefits. Please pay your subs to Paul Chinkin as soon as you can, and definitely before your 4th game in the Club Championship. All Club members also need to join the English Chess Federation, so they don't charge us for putting our games through their grading system. If you're intending to play in any weekend congresses this season then it's probably worth going for Silver membership, otherwise Bronze is fine - see the ECF website.

Almost time for the new season...

It's time to start thinking about chess again! The 2019-20 season is on the horizon, starting with the Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 3rd September. Here's the plan for the first few weeks, all starting at 7:30pm:

3rd Sep: Club AGM. All members from 2018-19 are welcome.

10th Sep: Friendly chess, with or without a clock - to ease us back in gently. Committee meeting to sort out the Club's teams for the new league season.

17th Sep: Lightning tournament - 7 or 8 very quick games in the evening.

24th Sep: The 2019-20 Club Championship starts again. Games will start at 7:30pm but arrive from 7:00 to make sure you get a game (if we have an odd number of players then the last person misses out).

Rapidplay 2019

The Rapidplay tournament is back this summer and will take place on Saturday 1st June at our usual venue, St Denys Community Centre. It's a 6-round tournament, with a time control of 25+5 (25 minutes per player, with an additional 5 seconds per move. This is much quicker than our normal competition time control but it still gives you time to think properly. We hope to see you there.

Get an entry form here or enter online

Club Knockout tournament

The final of our annual knockout tournament was a tense, interesting game which ended up being settled by an unfortunate mistake. Congratulations to Fraser McLeod, Southampton Chess Club 2018-19 Knockout champion! See below for the game, with comments by Gareth Jones, player of the White pieces and maker of that unfortunate mistake...

Welcome to the new year

The Club is back for the new year, with a good turn-out of players at our first two Tuesday evening sessions. This included a league match between our A and B teams, which are both in division 1 of our local league. It was a well-fought match, with the A team emerging victorious by a 4-1 score.

We've had some new faces, so a big welcome to them. If you're thinking of coming along and giving competitive chess a try in 2019 then we'd love to meet you! For more details about the Club and our various competitions, please click here.

Time for a break...

It's Christmas! The Club has finished for the year, with our traditional 5-minute tournament. Thanks to Dave Nelson for running the tournament, and after the normal chaos of blitz chess, with pieces being left en prise all over the place, congratulations are due to:

Gareth Jones - winner

Oliver Gill - second place

Tomasz Wilamowski - third place

Ryan Cheung - under-125 grading prize

Our next session is on Tuesday 8th January so we hope to see you then for the continuation of our season-long Club Championship. The current standings are here

Annual subs and ECF membership

Our venue hire increased from £30 per session to £36 in April 2018, so we have had to increase our annual subs accordingly. The annual subscription fee for 2018-19 is £51, with a 1/3 discount for full-time students.

Please pay your subs (in cash or by cheque payable to Southampton Chess Club) to the Club treasurer, Paul Chinkin. You must pay your subs before you play your fourth game at the Club, but this still gives you until 16 October at the earliest!

You will also need to join the English Chess Federation before playing your fourth game, so the ECF don't charge us for running your games through their grading system. The ECF website has details of membership benefits and the 2018-19 fees. Bronze membership is fine for our Club tournaments and League games, but consider joining as a Silver (or higher) member if you intend to play in tournaments like the Hampshire Chess Congress.

Welcome back!

Southampton Chess Club is back for the 2018-19 season, and the season-long Club Championship is about to begin again! This is run every Tuesday (except on dates of quickplay events), although you're not obliged to play each week. Play 10 games over the whole season in order to qualify for prizes. These usually include three grading prizes, so there's plenty to play for even if your ECF grade isn't up there with the Club's strongest players.

We also have a knockout tournament that runs through the season, with the draw to be made on 16 October. All games are ECF graded. See the About page for details of our other competitions and tournaments.

Knockout Tournament

The draw for this season's knockout tournament has been made!

See the activities page to find out who you are playing.

Club Championship

The current standings in the club championship are available on the Activities Page. The club championship table and the knockout cup results will be updated regularly.

Information for Visitors

Southampton Chess Club was founded in 1883 and is the largest chess club in the Southampton area, and is pleased to welcome visitors and newcomers of all abilities.

The club meets on Tuesday evenings, 7.00-10.30 p.m., September to May inclusive (except between Christmas and New Year), at the St. Denys Community Centre (next to the Junction Inn), Priory Road, St. Denys, Southampton, SO17 2JZ.

Future League and Cup matches, along with details of meetings and other events are available on the Club Calendar

For more information, please see the "About the Club" page, email Club secretary Kevin Sawers or call Paul on 023 8043 2490.