Southampton Chess Club

Southampton Rapidplay Report - November 21st 2015

This tournament, held at the club's normal venue on Saturday November 21st was split into two sections of 18 and 15 players, each having 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, and a grading prize.

Congratulations to all of the prize winners as follows:

Prize-Winners Section A:

First prize was won by Marcus Harvey (University), with 6 points.

Second prize was jointly won by Natasha Regan (Barbican 4NCL) and Mark Littleton (Wimborne) with 4½ points.

The under 140 Grading prize was won by Frazer Graham (Fareham).

Prize-Winners Section B:

First prize was won by Stephen Gow (University) with 5 points.

Second prize was jointly shared by Carl Sheeran, Mark Davies (Emsworth) and Natashane McCook (Salisbury) who all finished with 4½ points.
The under 90 Grading prize was won by Manoj Chandar (Chandler's Ford).

Tournament Standings

Section A

1Harvey, Marcus230w9+b3+w2+b5+w8+b7+6
2Regan, Natasha179b17+w14+b1-b6+w3=w5+4.5
3Littleton, Mark162w16+w1-b9+w4+b2=b8+4.5
4Davis, Tim147b13+w5-b11+b3-w10+b9+4
5Stipcevic, Ivan171w10+b4+w8=w1-b6+b2-3.5
6Fowler, David154w12=b18+b7+w2-w5-b13+3.5
7Graham, Frazer112BYE+b8=w6-w12+b14+w1-3.5
8Chapman, Matthew162b15+w7=b5=w14+b1-w3-3
9Williams, Robin141b1-b12+w3-b15+w17+w4-3
10Osborne, Keith132b5-w11-w13+b16+b4-w14+3
11Sawers, Kevin119w14-b10+w4-b17-w18=w16+2.5
12Black, Ted118b6=w9-w18+b7-b13-w17+2.5
13Wiseman, John112w4-w15=b10-b18+w12+w6-2.5
14Moore, Gillian158b11+b2-w16+b8-w7-b10-2
15Maund, Barry123w8-b13=w17=w9-b16-b18+2
16Priestley, Derek120b3-w17+b14-w10-w15+b11-2
17Agostinelli, David133w2-b16-b15=w11+b9-b12-1.5
18Pearman, Lawrence126BYE=w6-b12-w13-b11=w15-1

Section B

1Gow, Stephen110BYE+b6+w8+b2+b5+w3-5
2Sheeran, Carl107w10=w4+b3+w1-b8+w6+4.5
3Davies, Markw11+b7+w2-b12+w6=b1+4.5
4McCook, Natashanew5+b2-w12=b7+w9+b10+4.5
5Manoj, Chandar87b4-w13+b15+b8+w1-b12+4
6Kitley, Steven100w15+w1-b14+w10+b3=b2-3.5
7Williams, David108b12+w3-b10-w4-b15+w13+3
8Creasey, Don103b13+w14+b1-w5-w2-b15+3
9Cochran, Brian92w14-b12-b11+w15+b4-BYE+3
10Charalambous, Charles81b2=w11=w7+b6-b13+w4-3
11Rickard, Matthew95b3-b10=w9-BYE+w12-b14+2.5
12Stevens, Phil82w7-w9+b4=w3-b11+w5-2.5
13Chandar, Mansa70w8-b5-BYE+b14+w10-b7-2
14Hamilton, Melissab9+b8-w6-w13-BYE+w11-2
15Chandar, Maha63b6-BYE+w5-b9-w7-w8-1