Southampton Chess Club

Rapidplay Tournament 2013 Report

This tournament, held at the club's normal venue on Saturday November 23rd 2013 was very successful.

It was split into two sections, each having 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, and a grading prize:

  • an 'A' Section comprising 18 players
  • a B' Section for players under 130 grade comprising 19 players

Congratulations to all of the prize winners as follows:

Prize-Winners Section A:

First prize (including the second prize) was jointly shared by Alejandro Ruiz and Oliver Gill, who each had 5½ points, only dropping half a point when they played each other!

Third prize was jointly shared by Stephen Piper (Salisbury) and Matthew Payne (Bath) who both finished with 4 points.

The under 150 Grading prize was jointly won by Peter Dallas (Cosham) and Gunnar Mallon (Clay Cross)

Prize-Winners Section B:

First prize was won by Robin Williams with 5 points.

Second prize was jointly shared by John Wiseman and Dave Agostinelli who both finished with 4½ points.

The under 105 Grading prize was jointly won by Mike Henbury, Manoj Chandar (both of Eastleigh) and Matthias Dawson.

Scores For Each Round

Photos of the scoreboards are available to show everyone's scores round-by round.

They are available in two forms:

  • "Small" - approximately an 80-90k download for ordinary viewing, especially for users without a fast broadband link
  • "Large" - approximately a 390k download for greater definition - and it should be possible to determine who played who on each round. You may need to use your browser's "zoom in" capabilities to view the pen markings that show who played who.

Section A Scoreboard:

Section B Scoreboard

Photos of the play and the prize-giving will follow.